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I sincerely believe that training make information not only come alive but also connect on a personal level with the trainee or it’s just more words that do not mean much.  Like the teacher in the Peanuts cartoon.  Just like for children, it needs to be hands-on and practiced to make it felt. 

All training courses have been approved by Illinois Gateways to Opportunity professional development agency.  Hand In Hand Consultants offers training in the following areas for preschool and infant/toddler teaching staff.  We offer both in-person and distance learning webinars.  All training is customized to your staff’s needs with a complete flexibility of hours and locations:

  • Appropriate Activities for Infants
  • Appropriate Activities for Toddlers
  • Science for Preschoolers
  • Mathematics for Preschoolers
  • Language and Literacy for All Ages
  • Customizing Observations for Lesson Planning
  • Ages and Stages Screening
  • Early Screening Inventory Screening
  • CDA Credential Preparation


Much like training, coaching a person is a very individualized situation.  Hand In Hand Consultants have training in the CLASS instruments and can assist your staff through observation, training, and coaching in understanding the areas for improvement.  We work one-on-one with staff to improve their concept building, interactions, and scores.

In addition, Hand In Hand coaches staff in classroom planning, observing, writing lesson plans, working with families, and setting up a more conducive environment.


Hand In Hand Consultants can help staff with their Individual Professional Development Plans and the administration with developing a Strategic Plan for future growth and development.  We assist management with their continuous improvement leading to a quality program.

We also help staff stay on track and monitor themselves for achieving their career goals.

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