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CREATIVE ARTS – Believe it or not, we’ve come full circle.  Last year in July I wrote a blog about CREATIVITY.  Don’t worry, I won’t sing the same ole song, but with a different tune this year.  (For the joke, go back and read last year’s blog.) This year, I want to focus on theatricalContinue reading “CREATIVE ARTS”

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development. – Exactly what does “cognitive” mean?  It is the thinking, problem-solving, figuring out, analyzing, probing, and what is sometimes called the higher-order thinking or executive thinking. Why is this so important, you might ask!  We, teachers, are doing this all day long.  We are always asking children dozens of questions!  Ah, but it isContinue reading “Cognitive Development”


SAFETY – I initially decided that I would not do a blog about safety because it is drilled into us as caregivers of young children, and we know about safety, even in our sleep. But wait a minute, I thought.  Sometimes we take safety for granted.  We become lax and let things slip and slide,Continue reading “SAFETY”


HEALTHY – Just as you probably thought the classroom is what you get and what you have, the menu of your classroom is set first by the owner and or director, then the caterer or cook, approved by the state and overseen by the USDA and you have little or no input. But keeping theContinue reading “HEALTHY”


PARTNERS – This piece has taken me a very long time to write. I wanted to write something meaningful, impactful, important, but I kept getting stuck on what I really needed to say. Coming from a Head Start background and having been a Family Services Support worker in a very conscientious agency, I am veryContinue reading “PARTNERS”


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