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CREATIVITY – Teachers are incredibly creative people.  I knew so many creative teachers that I thought it was a prerequisite for becoming one.  In fact, as a child I took piano lessons for years because I knew I wanted to be a teacher and thought that would help me get in.  Even now however, IContinue reading “Creativity”

Cognitive Development

COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT – Many times in my training I will ask the students what they think cognitive means.  Many times, no one knows. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition includes words like thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and remembering as part of intellectual activity. So the real question  is how do you teach cognitive development? Continue reading “Cognitive Development”

CDA Credential

RENEW YOUR CDA CREDENTIAL – Did you remember to renew your Child Development Associates Credential (CDA)?  It is super easy – as in 1,  2,  3,  or Easy Peasy.  Not even half of what you had to do to get it. Take training that equals 45 new hours since you received your Credential in theContinue reading “CDA Credential”

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